Sassy and Shy Need Some Love

This is Sassy:




   Sassy is rather Sassy. She is 12 weeks old and we are still working on taming her!

She is a White Face glider with lineage and is 100% Lue Het

Her Mommy is Innar and her Daddy is Mal

Sassy is Pending a new Home!




This is Shy. She is a Male White Face glider, like his sister his grey coat is lighter gray than a standard sugar glider.

He is 12 weeks as well and while he can be handled, he spooks easy.

Shy is looking for his forever home!


Ashi and Lele have a home

From the Desk Of Inara Sugar Glider

Dear Readers,

My Joeys are now all grown and out in the world. I would like to say that I miss them but our home is just to small for all 4 of us to live here together forever and honestly my back could use the break. I didn’t like Lele would ever leave home, or my back!

I wanted to take a moment to show you their new home down in Mississippi. The humans they adopted got them a cage from a local pet chain pet shop. I honestly didn’t think such places had cages that would make a good glider home but I guess I was wrong! I really like that one! They have a good wheel too, not as great as the Stealth wheel they had at home but it will do for now! They are even moving in some nice fluffy furniture!  Love the colors of the fleece!

These are the humans that they adopted:

They are perfect for Ashi and Lele and spend a lot of time with each other!

Now to make sure they keep feeding my babies HPW or a better diet even and to make sure they do not use glider leashes! I know they sell them, that does not make them safe or a good idea though girls!

My darling daughter Lele

And my feisty girl Ashi:

And I know a secret about my girls? They might be getting a cage mate soon!

Sewing for Sugar Gliders!


  There are some great tutorials on You Tube to learn how to make me, Stitch, a sugar glider fun things to play on and sleep in. Let me tell you that I think you should only use Fleece or fleece like fabrics. My nails get caught in woven and knit fabrics. Do you know that could kill me? I could get stuck while you peacefully sleeping and I could break a leg trying to get free, I could freak out and chew off my foot even. It could get infected and die. Dead. Dead. Dead! 


   Even if you use fleece you must be careful with how it is made. Stitches need to be hidden! It protects me and those like me from harm. Many makers of glider toys externally sew things up, leaving exposed thread for me to get stuck on. There is a way to do it better. You can check it out there:


    Just Saying! 

WF or WFB?


Am I a White Face  WF Joey or a White Face Blond Joey? Please please tell me!

This is me in the front and my little sister in the back! She is very adorable too!

Sorry the photo is blurry I don’t like to sit still you know, who does? I am fast too!

This is my sister again. She is just so beautiful. She is a Standard, everyone knows this.

One wonders though, just what am I? Am I just as beautiful?

Simon is Going to a new Home!


From the desk of Simon the Glider


I am grown up! No, don’t look at me that way. I am! I am even getting to go off on an adventure and meet my new family come Sunday. They live a whole state away even. Just me, big brave Simon! The glider that rides the head of the blond ones and rules over all he sets his eyes on and is quick to run back to the blond ones at the slightest sound or movement from other things too. I am no dummy!

While I get ready to take my place in the world I watch on as my blond one trains up the next generation of little fluff balls. Wow are they loud too. They are baby Joeys of course and not like me. I only crab when she wakes me up to early or someone weird tries reaching my bed for me. You would crab too I bet!


The little fluff balls are both girls, loud little girls. Not sure they will ever grow up actually. Even if they do, they will not be as cute as I am. I am Simon and all shall worship me in my new home, I just know it!


Bravely Yours,

Simon  (8 weeks OOP)