Fun Ocean Cage Set!


As you know, sugar gliders need toys, they need entertainment, they need a challenge. They also need something soft to play on. There are many wonderful cage set makers out there. This one though is from the hands behind yours truly! This set is a swap gift on a great forum for the month of February. She was told her partner liked water and had a fish tank and honestly this was the only ocean like fabric she could find at the time. It is cute I admit, though I like my girls with a fluffy tail instead.    — Yours Truly Mal (the glider)

2 — Colony Pouches

1 — Corner Hammock

2 — Large Bridge Hammocks

1 — XL Braided Rope

1 — Crinkle Cave

1 — Elevation Tunnel Toy with Bell


Crinkle Cave!

Dear humans, please get your pets enrichments toys! My human noticed that a great smelling girl glider in another part of the house fall in love with a toy that was meant for a little human. It was a flat bunny that crinkled and delighted the children and also this other glider. Look as we might, no such glider toy was in the glider world so one hard to be made. So my human Mom (because Moms care for others by choice) made us one of our own. A Crinkle Cave! The noise is exciting and my lovely mate and I love to jump all over it, attack it, and bark at it. I admit, we specially like to play on it right as the big humans are getting to bed. They hush us but we know they love to hear us playing and having a good time. Here are some photos that include a crinkle cave, it is the triangle looking toy! It is not for sleeping though, sleeping is supposed to be peaceful after all!

Thanks to a wonderful forum my humans learn a lot about gliders like me. A new study shows that captive gliders lose brain mass. This can be for a number of reasons, one is just how simply board we can be. Do us a favor and get us sensory toys like crinkle toys! My human mom is having hers tested by some glider parents to make sure they are as good as can be and to see if other gliders like them as much as the ones in my house do!

If you want to jump in and buy one, the intro beta price is $7 plus $2.50 shipping! You can contact her using this form. 

Remember, be kind to your gliders, or else! I bite, hard!

A cage too small is Glider Abuse!

My name is Mal and I am pissed off! 

Why you ask? Because other gliders like me are being abused by being kept in cages to small!

I have already told you how big a cage should be at the smallest. Everyone who is anyone in my glider world knows it and yet people post ADs on places like Hoobly with photos like this: 

Over a dozen gliders living in a tiny shipping container in their own waist, and rotting food, inbreeding. The best part is the “breeder” is selling each baby Joey for $200! Please do not support mill breeders and when you find people like this, please report them to animal control as this is abuse and is not ok.  

I know you want to save my cousins like this. But do not buy from these people, pet shops, malls, conventions. Your supporting my distant family living like this if you do. Let the law take them from those bad people and you can rescue them from a real rescue group or buy from a good breeder! If you do not buy from the glider mills, they will not make enough money to stay in business. 

Be informed!

Or I will bite you!

And I bite hard!

Sugar Glider Basics #1

(A photo of me almost a year ago!) 

My name is Stitch, and I am a sugar glider, really…. no stop laughing, I really am a sugar glider!

I wanted to take a moment and answer a question many of you humans seem to have the first time one sees me after they say how cute I am of course.

“What is that!” they all ask!

I am a standard Grey sugar glider. I am all boy! You can tell this very quickly by looking at the top of my head, this bald spot is one of my sent glands. At the time it was a little yucky because without a friend to groom me, I was a bit stressed, board, and not loving myself like I should.

You see I was a class pet before my human family found me. While my teacher was doing the best job she knew how, she must not have known how lonely I would get as I am nocturnal, and so I sleep all day, or try to, and I am up all night. Between the kids trying to love me, and bell ringing all the time, it was hard to get the sleep my health requires. At night I was awake and alone with not near enough to do.

To take care of an amazing animal like me you must know the facts. The first fact is that sugar gliders are from parts of Australia, including islands around it like Tasmania. We like the warm nights! Sites like Wiki can help you learn more about this area of course! Wild gliders are used to living in big forests with lost of food. Big though is the first key.

I need a cage with in a good home that is at least 32″ x 20″ x 36″ with bar spacing no bigger than 1/2″ as I will try and get out to come see you if I can. I like exploring and out of cage time is important! If you can not give a sugar glider a home at least this big, please do not torture them with something smaller! I will bite you if you do! Just saying!

More about me, and more facts and tips and how to care for gliders like me soon! Check back!


Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Our Leu Glider

Chances are you are like us, lovers of sugar gliders!

Our large family has had gliders for years now and we love sharing our love with others. As we are asked so many questions about them I thought it was about time we created a blog so that we could share our love of these little animals with others.

At the moment we have 4 gliders, two breeding pairs.

We are not official breeders. We do not plan on making them a business. We want to keep our care of them personal, not commercially based. Though we may add available joeys to this site from time to time and maybe other glider items.

Mostly though this is just a small place to share our love and help others who love them too!