Part of My Fabric Stash

These fleece fabrics made a tower and they fell on me. Therefore I must let them go for trying to smother me. As such, you can order cage sets from me in these, or crinkle toys.  They are numbered so we can be more clear on what fabric you would like.  May they bring your home as much comfort as they clearly want to bring me. LOL

1. Bright Caterpillars

2. Pastel Spring

3. Green Animals

4. Eeyor

5. Purple Flowers

6. Tangled

7. Solid Bright Pink

8. Tropical Flowers on Black

9. Disney Princess

10. Yellow Volleyball

11. Frogs

12. Turtles

13. Tarzan

14. Moose

15.  Royal Blue

16. Aqua

17. green/Blue

18. Fish

19. Solid Green

20. Giraffe on Blue

21. Solid Black

22. Purple

23. Dots on Black

24. Retro Dots

25. Ducky

26. Floral

27. Solid Baby Pink

28. Solid Blue

29. Animal Boxes


The Law Won — Are Gliders Legal in your State?


   -Sugar Glider Petal with a public service announcement!- 

You might be shocked as I was to learn that I, a sugar glider, am not legal in certain places.Why this is the case I can not fathom but it is what it is and good Joeys will mind the law. Lets quickly go over the states in America that I am not allowed shall we!

Gliderpedia has details so please be aware this is just my summery. States I am lot legal in follow, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico, NY- N.Y. Of course even if a state does say I am legal, I might not be in your city or town or community. Other gliders have been taken from homes why where not legal in and killed all because owners could not follow the laws. At least have back up plans just as you would your own children. We need glider “god parents” if something should happen!

This couple in Canada learned the hard way sadly when they lose their exemption to a local by-law making many of the animals in their pet shop illegal. So the couple brought them home. Picture 94 pythons and 11 of my cousins in the same house not to mention other animals. That does not sound like fun to me. I can picture the poor gliders smelling the danger so close, and the snakes smelling lunch equally as close. You know both sugar gliders and snakes are known escape artists right? 

This couple now has a to pay over 80k in fines and still need to deal with the animals. Local officials want them to turn the animals over to a local zoo, the couple wants to sell them back to the wholesalers they where purchased from as they still had not paid for the animals adding further complication to the mix. Their lives are a mess, both humans and animals. 

As a sugar glider I can’t fight the law and I am not sure if you can or not. What I do know is that I am an American born sugar glider and what I know about this country is that you, a human, have the right to move to what ever state you want, what ever area. So you if want pets that are not legal in your area, move. Please do not risk our lives in places we are not legal. If you are in a legal place, that could quickly change as it has for some, have a back up plan! 

So what is your back up plan? 

The Dangers of Dumb


There once was a old guy so sad

that he had to hit on young girls

thats bad! 

But worse off still was what he said

that soy is what should be fed!

****(Kruegon) ****


(Mal the Glider here tonight!)

I must wonder what the heck is wrong with some people. Can you believe anyone would try to feed me a diet with the staple food being soy? In my opinion that is crap! Not only is soy known to know be safe for many reasons I should not even have to list to anyone with a brain. (But here is one anyway

Do you think in my home land I would be jumping from tree to free to pick up a rock hard piece of food made out of SOY? I am a sap sucker and bug eater. Some now, whats wrong with some people. Maybe they eat too much soy? 

Lets me be logical here, the closer to whole natural foods the better. I would more likely eat a bird, or a bird egg than I ever would soy never mind genetically altered soy. 

If you have a glider like me, please do not feed us overly processed CRAP. It would like taking a child to McDonalds every day for every meal when you damn well know a home cooked healthy meal is better. 

It is not about “easy” people! If you want “easy” go dig a hole because I have news for you, life is not easy! 

Chew on that! 

 This is great video on pet nutrition (Thank You Shadow). 

Know your Diet, don’t be Dumb! 

Flowers Please!


-Sugar Glider Stitch Speaking-

In case you did not know, even boys can like flowers! In my case, I like to nibble African violets, the flowers are safe though the rest of the plant might not be. You should be sure to keep your glider entertained and change up his diet. Maybe offer a few safe flower to interest them. There is so much to learn. Never think you know it all! 

February Sugar Glider Fun Swap!


-Voice of Sugar Glider Stitch- 

Can you believe it? We got new toys! How cool is that!?! Cool Cool Cooool. I love toys. We all watched our human lady keeper making a cage set for our glider swap family and mailed it out, this is the one we got back! I think the glider kitchen is for the other new cage but those toys better be for me. Me Me Me I say. I might be 2 years old but I still love toys. Toys will keep me smart and I love learning. I came from a school room you know! I spent my days trying to sleep and having kids want to play with me when all I wanted to do was snore. The the bell would go off and I would jump. Then at night when all was dark I would be awake! And…. alone.   I still like learning, but I can not say I miss that bell any and I still have kids to play with here, at night, when I am awake! Speaking of awake, time go go eat my HPW and beg for mealie worms with my cuteness. Yes, yes, I know I am cute and I specially get attention when I play shy! Oh ya, I have these people wrapped around my cute tale and I know it! Play on friends! Play on!