Sugar Glider Petal says:

One this beautiful of nights my little minions give me a break to go climb the Lady for a change. You see these two little ones never want to leave me alone. Yes, I am a good mother but there are boundaries every mother needs to set and mine is rather simple, do not expect to cling to me 24/7!  My other offspring have understood this but not these two.

Lady scolded me the other night as I had grounded one of my children, literally. I left it in the wheel calling for me at the bottom of the cage. I told the little guy that I had work to do but he would not stay in bed. He insisted on riding on my back and fell off during the commute you see. He needed some time to think about not listening to me next time. Lady did not however agree as she bolted from her slumber, blinding all the royal creatures in room with light and took my little one out of the wheel and placed him back with his sibling and father in the sleeping pouch. I came over to her to sniff, to check on my trouble maker, and then to escape quick before he cling on to me again. It really gets old I tell you. I just need some time to myself.

Lady seems to think this is not good mothering. I reminder her all my Joeys have thrived in the past though. Still she scolds me and checks up on me and mine often. As long as she gives me treats when she does it though I will forgive her and let her baby sit for me for a while. Daddy baby sits often, heck he hardly wants to go out these days even. I think everyone need to just relax a bit more don’t you?

I see the Lady glaring at me. Best I get back to my minions before she turns the lights on again!



Joeys Almost Out of Pouch!

Joeys Almost Out of Pouch!

Petals New Joeys Almost out of pouch. I know it looks like they are out but I have yet to see a head so this could mean they are still attached. Shortly after taking this photo I was holding the Mama and the babies both climbed completely back in. The thing I noticed first about the Joeys is that one is very furred and one is less so. They are both standards so I am guessing the second Joey was born and attached a few days after the first.

2012 Ultimate Blog Party! — Glider Style!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

I am Stitch, and this is my stick!

In the wild I would chew and suck the sap from gum trees and eucalyptus. This is eucalyptus in my cage, tastes great, smells great, makes me feel a bit wild! Perfect Munchy for this Blog Party I think!

Petal with her Joey bump in her pouch, playing with eater eggs, trying to get them open for the glider treats inside! Yogurt drops and Mealie worms! Party Treats are Here too! Time to party!

Any day now the Joeys will be out, a great reason to party and we will be sure to share photos of them here!

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Can you see the little bumps on my middle? Those are my Joeys, they will come out soon and then Daddy will get to help raise them!  A glider Daddy is a very important part to raising Joeys and I have a great mate thankfully!