What Color Sugar Glider

From the desk of Inara, the white Mommy glider. 



I must admit that I don’t adore photo graphs and my love Mal, well he doesn’t like being woken up so you can imagine our mood when this photo was taken. Yes yes, 9pm but we are new parents and we like to sleep in. Isn’t it rude to just drop in on the new family and then over stay your welcome? 

Of course I did show off my joeys eventually but no one but me can hold them still. I am insistent on this.


 And of course everyone is wondering what colors my little ones are. 

Here are some hints: 

I am a Leu and my parents are a Leu and a Plat

Daddy is a WFB and possible minimally marked Mosaic and also het for Leu

What do you think? 


Peak at the coming Joeys!

My name is Inara and I am having Joeys. I can’t tell you when because like human babies, they are ready to come out when they are ready to come and we should respect that, even if they keep us up all night kicking us in the bladder! 

I will not tell you what they look like but here is a peak: 



Darling right? 

Sleep Sweet!