WF or WFB?


Am I a White Face  WF Joey or a White Face Blond Joey? Please please tell me!

This is me in the front and my little sister in the back! She is very adorable too!

Sorry the photo is blurry I don’t like to sit still you know, who does? I am fast too!

This is my sister again. She is just so beautiful. She is a Standard, everyone knows this.

One wonders though, just what am I? Am I just as beautiful?


Wordless Wednesday June 13

Simon plays on the children’s toys! Growing up to be a cute young guy!

Simon is 8 weeks old now and holding his own as a young glider!

Simon is Going to a new Home!


From the desk of Simon the Glider


I am grown up! No, don’t look at me that way. I am! I am even getting to go off on an adventure and meet my new family come Sunday. They live a whole state away even. Just me, big brave Simon! The glider that rides the head of the blond ones and rules over all he sets his eyes on and is quick to run back to the blond ones at the slightest sound or movement from other things too. I am no dummy!

While I get ready to take my place in the world I watch on as my blond one trains up the next generation of little fluff balls. Wow are they loud too. They are baby Joeys of course and not like me. I only crab when she wakes me up to early or someone weird tries reaching my bed for me. You would crab too I bet!


The little fluff balls are both girls, loud little girls. Not sure they will ever grow up actually. Even if they do, they will not be as cute as I am. I am Simon and all shall worship me in my new home, I just know it!


Bravely Yours,

Simon  (8 weeks OOP)