Sewing for Sugar Gliders!


  There are some great tutorials on You Tube to learn how to make me, Stitch, a sugar glider fun things to play on and sleep in. Let me tell you that I think you should only use Fleece or fleece like fabrics. My nails get caught in woven and knit fabrics. Do you know that could kill me? I could get stuck while you peacefully sleeping and I could break a leg trying to get free, I could freak out and chew off my foot even. It could get infected and die. Dead. Dead. Dead! 


   Even if you use fleece you must be careful with how it is made. Stitches need to be hidden! It protects me and those like me from harm. Many makers of glider toys externally sew things up, leaving exposed thread for me to get stuck on. There is a way to do it better. You can check it out there:


    Just Saying! 


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